Trinity for Three In One
I provide a triple care in my studio: BODY / MIND / SPIRIT.
How to choose the massage that fits the best for you?
Ideally combine all three to get the most complex and effective results.
1. Body
Relaxing massage – releases stiff muscles
ACCESS BARS AND FACELIFT - touch facial technique fixing pain and aging of your body
ACCESS BODY PROCESS - gentle touch technique, regeneration and harmonization and revitalization
2. Mind
ACCESS BARS therapy - the way to life with an ease and no limits, cleaning up your overloaded mind, permanently encouraging you mentally and physically
3. Spirit
- GENTLE TOUCH FULL BODY MASSAGE - a body balm and most importantly fixing your often overloaded nerves
Balance your body-mind-spirit
Charging your energy up with positive and healing Chi energy.
Enjoy the amazing vibes
The touch therapy works with pure cosmic energies that are directed to energy channels going throughout the body. By influencing these channels we can reach easing blockages in the human organism, harmonization of an energy flow a setting new balance in the body. The cells in the body are truly made younger and activated. This in many ways unique method brings deep, meditative relaxation
Therapy for everyone
Deep body and mind relaxation has no indication.
Some of the things that are ready for you in the salon
There are towels and blankets available. We will offer you a refreshment in the form of a delicious tea. You can also use a bathrooom and a toilet which are right at the salon.
Gift vouchers:
The price of the voucher depends on the lenght of therapy purchased.

Validity of the gift vouchers: 4 months


Relaxing touch therapy

If you decide to cancel a booked therapy, please call me as soon as possible on the phone
inform me about the changes. Thank you.
Your objections
    If you are not, by any reason, satisfied during o rafter your visit, don´t hesitate to inform me at my email address: