Trinity for Three In One
I provide a triple care in my studio: BODY / MIND / SPIRIT.
How to choose the massage that fits the best for you?
I am here to assist you with choosing the right massage. During the massage I listen to your body and follow my intuition. Massage can be focused on full body or just head. We can combine both of it.
Massages are holistic. They release your stiff muscles, fix pain and aging of your body. You will charge your Chi energy and balance body-mind-spirit. You will clean up your overloaded mind. All techniques are based on the smooth, gentle touch.
Some of the things that are ready for you in the salon
There are towels and blankets available. We will offer you a refreshment in the form of a delicious tea. You can also use a bathrooom and a toilet which are right at the salon.


Gift vouchers:
The price of the voucher depends on the lenght of therapy purchased.

Validity of the gift vouchers: 4 months


What else will you experience during the massage or therapy

If you decide to cancel a booked therapy, please call me as soon as possible on the phone
inform me about the changes. Thank you.
Your objections
    If you are not, by any reason, satisfied during o rafter your visit, don´t hesitate to inform me at my email address:


What more?
  • environment of luxurious salon in a 4-star hotel
  • pleasant and calm atmosphere
  • excellent accessibility – we are in the city centre – the tram stop is 20 metres far away (trams 1, 3, 4, 6, 7)
  • relaxation music together with a cup of delicious tea
  • parking in front of the hotel for free