• ACCESS BARS therapy – during this treatment I gently touch 32 key points on your head to release an electromagnetic charge of your mind, approaches, formulas, decisions and assumptions limiting you in problematic areas of your life
  • ACCESS BARS AND FACELIFT – therapeutic facial method bringing your whole body a health and beauty, eliminates the effects of aging and relieves the pain.
  • ACCESS BODY PROCESS - full body treatment
  • RELAXING TOUCH THERAPY – releases stiff muscles
    Tantra massage is a unique and sophisticated ritual based on tantric philosophy and principles, which is becoming increasingly popular with men, women and couples around the world. It is an invitation to the world of physical sensuality, gentle care and exciting discovery of ecstatic experiences. It is a way of stepping out of the limits of everyday life and fully dedicating to the present moment. Tantra massage takes the form of an intimate ritual between giving and receiving, combining elements of ancient Tantric-Taoist techniques and classical massage, with a personal attitude, sensitive attention and a deep knowledge of working with energy that will make tantra massage not only relax, but also it will fill with excitement, tenderness and a feeling of life force and inspiration. The Giver is a sensitive guide who helps the recipient to develop and discover their own sexuality.
    Tantra massage rejuvenates, beautifies and heals at the level of body and soul.
    What you will experience during tantric massage?
    Tantra massage is traditionally performed on futon, candles and the sound of oriental music in a quiet and undisturbed environment. Tantra massage includes various types of touch, from soft to dynamic. You will experience washing and massage with hot towels, stroking with soft feathers and fur, use of special aromatherapy essential oils, aromas and natural nourishing oils, but also releasing pressure parts without using oil. Tantra massage involves the entire body of the recipient, from the head to the toes.
    Tantra massage is, unlike other massages, holistic massage, so it also includes massage of intimate parts, in tantra called joni and lingam. This massage often changes the purposeful conception of sexuality and opens itself to a new, meditative and purposeless experience of intimacy and excitement. Overall, it is a medicinal massage that works with many levels of man.
    But Tantra offers more. The masseuse will guide you through the technique of tantric breath, which will open the way to perfect physical and mental relaxation and feeling of energy throughout the body.
    This natural energy is experienced as a deep, fulfilling and reviving feeling that persists long after the massage itself.
    Limits of tantric massage
    Only within safe and clear borders is it possible to have deep and intense experiences on both sides.
    Tantric massage is about exploring sexuality within the boundaries of one's body and an important part of it is respect for the boundaries of the giving. During the tantric massage, the receiver thus remains in a passive, accepting role all the time, neither sex nor erotic exchange with the masseuse.
    Tantra massage and nudity
    In tantric massage, nudity is a sign of openness and understanding with one's body, allowing you to put aside your inhibitions and shame and experience the pleasures of freedom and ease. The recipient is naked during the massage, covered only by sarong, which the masseuse gradually exposes. The masseuse also starts the massage in sarong, which she later only keeps around her hips or puts aside completely. Nudity is complete with long-term work and mutual trust.
    Effects of tantric massage
    Tantra massage not only enhances the sexual experience of the recipient, helps to build awareness and increases the sensitivity of one's body, but also leads to the art of sharing intimacy with a partner, open communication and respect for oneself and others.
    The health effects of tantra massage help erectile dysfunction, prostate problems, premature ejaculation, vaginitis, painful sexual intercourse, non-physiologically related problems with pregnancy, lack of energy, vitality and appetite, depression from lack of care and intimate touches, improve relationship it relieves tension and stress, relaxes muscles and promotes blood circulation.Tantra massage is also very popular among couples, where it promotes mutual attraction and trust and brings new inspiration and knowledge
    Tantra massage and hygiene
    In tantric massage, the feeling of physical cleanliness in the receiving and giving is important. Our salon is equipped with shower for your comfort.
    Length of tantric massage
    All time levels of the massage are conducted in a calm spirit of tantric ritual with respect to the sensitivity of the recipient. The longer the massage is, the more it can be effective in depth. The 60-minute massage does not offer space for all techniques, the priority ones are chosen intuitively. The 90-minute massage includes all the above-mentioned techniques, and is completed with a short technique to fix and store the effect of the massage. The 120-minute massage is richer in energy and body plane techniques and offers a wider range of sensations.

What else will you experience during the massage or therapy ?


and quieten your mind to make
as well as to your back,
neck and upon request to the area of chest, face and head:
Everything is done intuitively without pressure by soft touches using my palms, fingers, fingertips..
The therapy is accompanied by relaxing music and by the scent of essential oils. It is  suitable for all age categories, for men and women. It's a great help to hyperactive children:
- this is the result of an effective therapy.


To make the therapy complex,

the minimum time duration is one hour.
Everything is done intuitively without pressure by soft touches using my palms, fingers, fingertips.: and it deserves our maximum care,
love and attention, even when it is (or sometimes only seems to be) healthy,
the ideal length is from 90 to 120 minutes.
For example, you can have a therapy focused on your feet or palms that is especially relaxing
Harmonization of your body and soul
let yourself loose and it deserves our maximum care,
love and attention, even when it is (or sometimes only seems to be) healthy.
I channel it and pass it on your body, which will help you to achieve complete harmony. Psychical well-being, physical charge and beauty which will shine through your body
- this is the result of an effective therapy.


This therapy is always beneficial for the body.

let yourself loose ,
and quieten your mind to make .
Despite the touch therapy may look simple and superficial, it has a deep healing effect and it is also a very pleasant form of prevention of diseases. It fills you with a feeling of bliss. It is an unconventional, extraordinary experience which can become addictive easily. And this is good because it is necessary to take care of our body all the time, and not only when it is already late.


For you comfort we also recommend to put your jewellery, watch and contact lenses away .
If you have
any questions or remarks during the therapy,
don´t hesitate to tell me.


Indication : :
Deep body and mind relaxation
Stress reduction
Easing of the muscles
Energy revitalization and unblocking of its flow in the body
Detoxication of the organism
Nerve system strengthening 2
Improvement of the blood circulation
Release from muscles   and joints paint
Increasing of your immunity